Tips and suggestions for writing a CV.

Writing a CV is not always an easy thing to do and I often get for my advice on how to write one. The first thing I always say is that while I will gladly offer my opinion when asked, that is all it is. The CV is theirs. It is a personal document and should reflect this. There is no right or wrong here, you could ask 10 different recruitment consultants or HR Managers this question and end up with 10 different answers.

So, my advice if you are writing a CV anytime soon:

  • Remember why you are writing this. The CV is a tool to getting a job interview. You want it to serve this purpose. Keep the most important information that demonstrates why you should be interviewed close to the start of the CV.
  • Introduce yourself. I like a few sentences at the top of the page telling me who you are, what you do (or what you have done) and what you are looking to do or achieve next.
  • Keep the format simple and consistent. It’s difficult to bring together a concise summary of your work history. Clearly state what job you held, who for, the month and year you started and the month and year you left. I like bullet points highlighting skills, duties and achievements for each role you have worked in.
  • Keep it relevant. As you progress through your career, the bar jobs and part time work you took around your studies may become less important to the Senior Manager position you are now seeking. Keep only the dates and employer names or find a way to neatly summarise. Also, do you need to list all of your school exam results individually?
  • Read it. Read it again. Go away. Come back and read it again. Look for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Get someone else to read it. Read it again. Don’t rely on spell check.

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