It’s always a joy to work with amazing people…

It’s always a joy to work with amazing people and it’s our turn to say thank you for this lovely feedback.  So, thank you to Laura Highland, a wonderful candidate we introduced to one of our super Cornwall-based clients this year, for this great report.

I first had contact with Oliver in March 2017, whilst applying for HR related positions. From the very first phone call from Oliver, I felt I was in very competent hands.

Unfortunately for me, I was not offered a position immediately, so I took a step back to reconsider what kind of position I was looking for. I applied for my current role through an online job search not realising at the time it was again through Oliver’s company.   

Oliver called me before close of play that very same day to discuss the position and to go over a few details with me.  This was a finance role, which wasn’t the field I was looking at in the first instance and Oliver took the time to talk to me about what the role involved. Unlike other agencies I have dealt with, Oliver remembered speaking to me earlier in the year.  He made sure I felt like a person, not a number, which is how I’ve been made to feel by other agencies.  Some agencies haven’t even bothered to respond to me since I contacted them in March.

The communications I had from Oliver were great – he gave me the information I needed very promptly and he called me after my interview to see how it went.  It was a nice touch that I was grateful for. 

The experience I had with Oliver was above and beyond any I’d had with other recruiters and I have already recommended him to others.  Oliver went to great lengths to fit the right person to the to the right company and I am thoroughly enjoying my job.

All in all, I can’t recommend Oliver and Watson Evans Associates highly enough. If you’re looking for a professional, focused and conscientious recruiter, who genuinely seeks out the right people for the right job, then this is the company for you. 

October 2017

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