Sometimes a change is all you need…

column-181570480In my job, I’m fortunate enough to witness people experience complete changes. The most extreme of these on our first meeting can be disillusioned, stressed and anxious professionals. Put under the cosh at work; given targets that the parameters and restrictions dictated by the same managers make impossible to ever reach. One person I recently worked with was in such a situation in their job for a regional medium sized business. Their confidence in their own ability and worth was sapped despite professional qualifications and years of experience. They were drained, and this meant that they very nearly didn’t apply to what is now their current job.

Roll the clock forward 6 months and they are transformed. Ok, so they still have to go to work (and let’s face it, we all have days when we’d rather stay in the warmth of our beds and let the bills pay themselves), but their disposition has changed. They are more positive. They’re happier; more outgoing; more confident. Not only is that my reaction when I recently spoke to them to see how things are going, it is something they voluntarily confirm. They feel more productive and more able. More valued and more valuable.

How has this come about? There are many old adages about people leaving managers not companies and many organisations shout about how wonderful they are to work for. But if the ethos of the company is right, and if this filters down through layers of management (the new employer in this instance is a large national business) to all levels of employees throughout every department, the rewards for each and every employee is a great place to work where they feel supported and secure. In turn this creates a productive, hardworking, loyal workforce for the business which is simply crucial.

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